Testimonials From Our Customers 


"I just wanted to let you know how well your Nordman Quaddro boots worked out on my recent trip to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. As a California wildlife photographer, I wanted to make sure I had proper gear to keep my Old California body warm in an environment that we Californians think as frigid . Well, I spent a week in Jackson Hole in January and the temperature never rose above freezing . To us Californians that is cold. To be hones the coldest day was a low of 4 and a high of 11F. I know some of you would consider this as mild. Well, again to me this was cold country. My boots along with my Nordman hat with flaps worked to perfection allowing this photographer to get some photos of wildlife in this beautiful winter wonderland. My feet never got cold and the studs in the boots allowed me to traverse the icy conditions without fear of slipping. Again thanks for providing such quality products."


Jack Morrison

Redding, CA February 2020 

Photographs courtesy of Jack Morrison


Kean and his Nordman Kraft

"The snow boots, Nordman Kraft make hiking in the snow more enjoyable, giving me insulated comfort and warmth and cozy, excellent traction too!"

Kean Butterfield

Shingletown, CA January 2020

"Thank you for the great hat and boots!" 

Wendy Legerton@Summerland Real Estate 

Nov 29, 2019


Derek's Quaddro boots

"Hey Irina! Just wanted to let you know first impression of boots was awesome!! Comfrotable , lightweight and warm! Had my toes on ice the whole day and not once did they feel anything but warm! Great product! Thanks!"

Derek Lemmens

Mosinee WI, February 2020

"I love their shoes! Great prices and great service." 

Chen Narens 

Whitmore, CA , Feb 5, 2020

"These Nordman Lights boots are so "lightweight" like a feather. I love my boots. WARM FEET NOW."

Lucille Urban

Shingletown, CA Dec 18, 2019

"After knee surgery, I was concerned about slipping on ice and snow. The lack of mobilty in my knee kept me from putting my boots on . I went by Nordman Outdoors to check out their boots. I found a pair that zipped in the front and I was able to put them on easily, also the traction made me secure in the ice and snow."

(Nordman Bloom Snow boot Night model)

Beverly Derr

Vice President Shingletown Historical Society

Shingletown, CA Dec 2019


Lucille Urban wearing her Nordman Light boots next to to her buffalo


Kent Purrington on the road with his Nordman Power Plus!

"I found Nordman Outdoors boots, Power Plus model and thought I would try them. They work real well as a trucker in winter. Especially chaining up my rig. They are both warm with the insulators (liners) and safer to walk in because I'm not doing gymnastics getting around ice and puddles, just walking straight!"

Kent Purrington

Shingletown, CA  April 2019

"My rain boots, Bora, are very comfortable and stylish-this style looks good with pants and skirts! The boots are light and flexible even in cold weather, run true to size. No unpleasant rubber smell!"

Agata Maruszewski

Shingletown, CA Sept 2019

"Quality boots. Their inventory of other items is also growing. Irina and Andrea are extremely helpful."

Bonnie Lee Fowler, 

South Dakota, June 12, 2019


Photographer Andrea and her Nordman Light boots

"My two children love their Nordman boots! They can play in the snow all day without complaining about their feet being cold. Their feet stay dry and insulated which save me the hassle of changing out their socks. If you're looking for some high quality , comfortable boots for your children, I highly recommend Nordman Outdoors. You will not be disappointed."

Michelle and Andrew DiMarco,

Shingletown, CA  January 15, 2019

"Got me a new hat. I love it. I found it at Nordman Outdoors in Shingletown. Check out their store."

Mary Seevers Scott ,

Cottonwood, CA Oct 3, 2019

"Whether I'm walking through the morning's dewy grass or splashing in rainwater puddles these Bora boots kept me dry while being stylish. The Bonita fur trimmed boots are suited for winter, fall or cooler spring days. They merge contemporary fashion with a traditional style. Non-slip soles provide ease of walking in slippery conditions while keeping me warm. "

Sandy Lincoln

Redding, CA January 29, 2019

"I love my new snow boots and perfect weather to feel how warm thy keep my feet. So far my feet are happy, toasty, warm and dry."

Angela Weston

Nov 26, 2019

"My Nordman Lights are perfect for my outdoor photography adventures. I take them with me so I can traverse marshy areas and creeks. This gives me the advantage to get to the best spots to shoot wildlife or scenics. They are made of lightweight EVA and waterproof. The liner is removable, which makes it great when the extra warmth isn't needed. My Lights go with me everywhere."

Andrea Penners

Shingletown, CA  Oct 2018


Sophia and Gavin DiMarco


Mary wearing her Nordman hat


"My Nordman Rover boots work great for pretty much anything. They have great soft inner lining that cushions my foot and is very comfortable. The boot is especially great for the outdoors yet they a pretty stylish as well. I would highly recommend these boots to anybody, they look great are comfortable and are able to be used for many different purposes." 

Andrew Penners

Angwin, CA June 2019

Sandy's Nordman Bora in red


"Absolutely amazing! My friend Irina Hays gave me a call and wanted me to test out her Russian made boots she sells for Nordman Outdoors. Knowing I spend a lot of time in the outdoors and in cold environments I tested them out for her to give her my honest opinion. I didn't get to try them all out but the pair she gave me are amazing. They are feather light (lightest boots I've ever worn), super waterproof, kept my feet warm and dry all day and grip to the snow and ice very well. And these aren't even the warmest of the boots they sell. Highly recommend. Coolest thing, they also have an awesome women's and kids collection!"

Todd Yohn

Dec 31, 2018

Todd Yohn at Mt. Shasta, CA

wearing his Nordman Comfort boots