"The Quaddro boots are working awesome. Definitely warmest boots I've ever worn! 20mph winds on the lake Friday and no issues."

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Derek Lemmens

Mosinee, WI

February 22, 2020

Wisconsin ice-fisherman Derek Lemmens wearing his Quaddro boots. 


About the Incredible Quaddro

Temperature up to -95F

The cuff material is water-repellent rip stop with retaining cord. 

Weight is only 4 lbs!

The boot is made of DEC (Durable EVA Compound)material which is 30% stronger than EVA counterparts.

Protection against side cuts is achieved due to the reinforced toe and heel of the boot.

Thick two layer sole DEC + TEP, provide the highest frost protection.

The out sole is completely protected from cuts and punctures and does not slip on bare ice.

The boot has a cellular bottom structure to collect condensate.

Inside there is a two layer insole and a nine layer moisture removing hypoallergenic liner, using fleece foam rubber and foil and non woven fabric.

The model has a high lift and comfortable spur which allows you to quickly remove.