Mens Sizes  8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


Nordman New Red Tall Lace

Color: Black
  • Nordman New Red with lace and buckle clasp . The bottom is a strong frost-resistant material TEP. The sole - anti-slip spikes. Top - Cordura heavy-duty water-repellent fabric. Inserts made of genuine leather with metal half rings. High-quality belt strap for easy fixing. Inside the moisture removing insert made of natural wool.


    Season :Winter
    Temperature: -58 F  ( -50ºС )
    Top material :Cordura
    Material :TEC (TR)

    Liner: Removable

    Lining material: Fur

    Non-woven fabric

    Foam rubber

    Foil fabric

    Average height : 16in (40 cm)
    Product color : Black