Sizes 7-8, 9-9.5, 10-11,11.5-12, 13-13.5

Nordman Jet

Color: Yellow
  • Children's EVA boots Nordman Jet without insulation are great for summer, as well for spring, and autumn, when it is cold outside and the feet of your child will be frozen in ordinary rubber boots. Even without a warming liner, these boots can be worn at near  32F temperature and in a bit of frost. Absolutely "weightless" 10- 14  ounces per pair (depends on size). Children in these boots will not get tired even after a long active walk.


    Seasons - Summer, Spring, Fall 

    Material :EVA

    Height - 9.05 in./23cm

    WEIGHT -8 ounces / 220gr

    Color - Red, Black, Pink, Blue, Lime, Yellow