EVA and Liners

This is what makes Nordman Boots unique, EVA material and removable Liners.

What is EVA?

Ethylene vinyl acetate, usually referred to as EVA, is a

commonly used material for outsoles, midsoles, sockliners,

and even whole footwear. EVA is a material with unique

properties like durability, flexibility, light weight and

100% waterproofing, which allow it to be perfectly

suitable for comfortable, high quality winter boot


Benefits of EVA material in footwear production:

The micro cellular structure of EVA material is filled using a

chemical blowing agent during the molding process which

can release nitrogen gas into the material. This forms tiny

bubbles which expand when the mold is opened, having the effect of making the finished unit increase rapidly in size to several times the internal volume of the mold. This helps to give EVA very good cushioning properties, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity in footwear bottoming components.

One of the main advantages of boots, made of EVA material, is the low weight. You will barely feel them while wearing, because they are 30-40% lighter then boots, made of rubber or PVC.

Every fisherman knows, that in the middle of winter, when the ice is covered with a thick ice layer, there is almost always water underneath it no matter if the temperature is below 0°C or not. The water gets on the surface of the ice through drilled holes and cracks. The thicker the snow layer, the closer to  0°C  is the temperature under it, so the water doesn’t freeze. This is why the waterproofing of EVA material is so important. The boots are produced in one piece, they do not have seams and, therefore, are 100% waterproof.

Another advantage of EVA material is its elasticity. The material has excellent flex cracking resistance, even down to very cold temperatures.


Liners "Oh, So Warm!"

The Nordman boots that come with insulated liner inserts can either be four, five or even nine layers as with the Quaddro.

Boots NordMan POWER PLUS PE-22FUTM with
Boots NordMan EXTREME PE-16UMM -60C (3)-